LibreOffice include a mathematical formula editor which use a language specific to LibreOffice. Using this language require some learning time. A very good tutorial is available on LibreOffice’s website :
For those who are used to code their formula with latex or who prefer the LaTex rendering, it’s possible to install the TexMaths extension, which allows to add a LaTex formula editor in a LibreOffice document. This extension also allows the automatic addition of formula numbering (see the TexMaths extension paragraph).

Macro libreLaTeX

In order to give a rendering closer to a LaTex document, the LibreLatex’s models have an incorporated macro changing the formula’s font :
* The size of the formula font is replaced by the one from the paragraph’s type where the formula is placed.
* The font and attributes are taken from the LaTex formulas.
Below an example of a LibreOffice formula without the macro and with the macro 

Formula without macro
Formula with macro

However, despite this visual improvement, there is no quick and automatic numbering of the formula. Moreover, using and mostly autorising macros induce a security breach. Indeed, if the macro are autorised, any script, which can be malicious, can be excuted inside LibreOffice.
In order to add a measure of guarantee, we are signing our macro. This measure allows to certify that the macro were not modified by an outsider. Furthermore, the source is available in every models, which allows anyone to check the macro as you only need to open the macro editor.
On the other hand this security can not be sufficient to pass the protection of some professional mail servers, which can block the transmission of a file containing one or more macro.

TexMaths extension

As our model’s macro are used only to give a closer rendering of the formula to the Latex’s version, and acknowledging the resulting limitations, we can propose and alternative : the TexMaths extension.
This extension allows to use the Latex language for formula, and adds an automatic numbering. The official website  includes a tutorial for installation and use.
By using the Texmaths extension, the macro are not necessary anymore, you can delete them from your files or download the version without macro .