LibreLatex is a complex of LibreOffice’s models allowing people to create elegant documents without needing any further coding knowledge. The document’s page layout is inspired from Latex’s documents. For this reason, the LibreLatex’s documents exists in four versions : article, book, letter and report.  The different versions are available in several languages. Currently, the english and french version are available to download.

To make the most of LibreLatex’s possibilities, the text’s automatic formatting has to be used. The formatting can be defined in the style management menu. For more choices, the lateral menu (section on the right) is available in the Styles and Formatting menu > Paragraph Styles menu.

The link between LibreOffice’s Title 1, Title 2, Title 3 and LaTex’s Part, Chapter, Section depends on the document’s type. Details are available on the page Paragraph Styles

For a more advanced utilisation of LibreLatex, the Character Styles can be used. They are accessible through the lateral bar in the Styles and Formatting menu > Character Styles. Some text embellishement’s options are available in this section. To supplement LibreOffice’s possibilities, new tags have been defined in the LibreLatex’s models. All those tags and their fonctionnalities are explained on the page Character Styles.

LibreLatex’s models are published under the license MPL-2.0. Thus, they are usable without any limits for both private and professional uses.

The strong point of LibreLatex are :

  • LaTex’s font
  • LaTex’s page layout
  • User friendliness
  • The use of a macro to improve the LibreOffice’s formula finish
  • Addition of several tags specific to LaTex to embellish the text (\textsl, \fbox…)
  • Different languages availables (several more to come)